Our Quality Policy

Right Ascension is committed to providing innovative and reliable products and services for mission critical applications that meet or exceed all requirements. Right Ascension is commited to continuously improve our products, services, and internal systems to optimize customer satisfaction and grow our market share. 

Right Acension provides design engineering services and manufactures automated test systems for aerospace and aviation hardware applications. Our firm's engineering services encompass modelling, drafting, simulation, finite element analysis, project and program level management, testing, data analysis, and technical documentation. Our automated test systems are used to validate hardware used in hydraulic, hydrostatic, pneumatic, propulsion, and multi-modal applications where operating environment, pressure, temperature, actuation, force, torque, deflection, flow, leakage, power, or other variables must be measured or controlled.


We are pursuing AS9100D/ISO 9001 certification as of 2021.

Our quality documents are available upon request.