Data Acquisition, Control, Automation, Plotting, Post Processing, and Analysis tools to meet all your testing needs.

Control Programs

  • LabVIEW based executables

  • Excel I/O for instrumentation list and calibration management

  • GUI customization to reflect test setup 

  • Safety  

    • Fail safe hardware and software logic during loss of power or control 

    • GUI overrides and lock out switches

    • Fat finger limits

  • 1hz data saving 24/7/365

  • Software controllable low speed (up to 250 Hz) and high speed (up to 1 MHz) data saving


  • Microsoft Excel based sequences are easy to author and require no special software knowledge

  • Binary on/off open/close control of valves or other hardware

  • Numeric floating-point control of power supplies, regulators, VFDs, SCRs, or other analog electromechanical equipment

  • Max/Min abort and messaging logic with software filtering options

  • Pass/Fail gates and decision making based on real time data 

  • Interpolation of programmable control profiles for pressure, temperature, etc.

  • Sequence with time looping I/O feedback

Easy Automation - Control Program loads customizable Test Sequences in Excel format.

Automated Data Review

  • Standalone software

    • Reads in raw data files

    • Post process test data

    • Generate test reports with tabular pass/fail assessment and visual data presentation

  • Autocomplete any customer ATP data sheet

  • Filer raw data per customer specifications

  • Perfrom calculations based on raw data

Plotting Software

  • Real time plotting application pulling data directly from control 

  • Customizable number of plots per tab

  • Save and Reload Plotting configuration files to quickly access standard plots for a given test 

  • Min/Max setpoints and plot history user inputs 

  • View and save historical data for any channel on the fly