Right Ascension is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of automated test systems.

Component Test Systems 

Our multi-modal component test systems incorporate environmental, functional, and leakage checkouts into a single system capable of testing multiple units concurrently. 


Technical specifications:

  • Pneumatic Test Pressure Range: 0-10,000 psig

  • Environmental Temperature Range: -60 to 500°F

  • Pneumatic Flow Measurement: 0-5000 SLPM (0-180 SCFM)

  • Programmable UUT Power: 0-30VDC @ 0-10 Amps

  • Test System Bandwidth: 1 to 10 simultaneous units

  • Low Speed Data Recording: 1hz to 250hz

  • High Speed Data Recording: 1kHz/ch to 1MHz/ch

Motor Test Systems

Our motor test systems evaluate a variety of performance checkouts for AC, DC, shunt, & brushless motors.


Technical specifications:

  • Torque: From <1 in-lbf to 15,000 ft-Lbf (0.1Nm to 20kNm)

  • RPM Range: 0-30,000

  • Motor Voltage Range: 0-1000 VDC

  • Total Motor Power per System: 1-144kW

  • Forced Cooling Air Flow: Up to 3000 SCFM @ 4" H2O 

  • Filtration: MERV 15 (>70% efficient at 0.4 micron particle size)

Our test systems operate on fully customizable, automated software developed in-house to minimize operator interface time and achieve your specific testing goals.